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This is situated on Savadatti Road. The great Saint Mrityunjaya who was the head the math, fed hundreds of students who came from villages to study at schools and colleges of Dharwad. Lord Mahantappa passed away in 1994 and now lord Shivayogiappa has taken over the “deeksha” of the math. Every Monday there are lectures/music/prayers conducted at premises of the “math”.



Shankara Math is located at Yalakkishettar colony near JSS College off Of NH-4. Its architecture is new comprising tiles and ceramic statues, grass lawns. It has big peaceful meditation hall, between the two "gopuras" as you can see in the picture.  


Shri Siddaroodha Swamy who born in 1836, visited Hubli in 1877 & visited Samadhi Mandir of Shri Chidgananand Swamy in 1882 and subsequently resided here. Ch idgananand Swamy Samadhi was built during the period between 1897 & 1907. Siddaroodha Swamy went to Samadhi in 1929. In 1919 Lokamanya Tilak visited Siddaroodh Math and later in 1924 Gandhiji visited.


It was built during 12th century which consists of Samadhi of Shri Gurusiddeshwar Swamy. In 12th century, during the period of Kalyan Revolutionistic period, Sri Channabasavanna stepped over this place accompanied by 3,000 (Three Thousand i.e. Mooru Savir in Kannada language) saints and went to Ulavi leaving the saints, to spread the universal Gospel. Thus the name originated as "Moorusavir" Math.

Someshwar Temple:

It is one of the oldest temples built in 12th century by Chalukyas near present SDM College. The temple has Idols of Shri Mahishasur Mardhini & Chaturbhuj Ganapati.



Tapovan is famous for its spiritual and cultural activities and was founded by the Mahatapasvi Sri Kumar Swamiji, in the year 1965.


Iscon Temple:

ISKCON's Sri Krishna Balarama Temple is formally dedicated to the people of Hubli-Dharwad in-particular and people of north Karnataka in general. Temple being constructed at Rayapur by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) based on the model of its temple in Bangalore. ISKCON is providing midday meals to 80,000 children in the twin cities. Newly constructed ISKCON temple at Rayapur is open to devotees from February 12.2006

Chandramouleshwar Temple:

Chandramouleshwara Temple at Unkal Hubballi, is a Chalukya temple, it is one of the good example of the Chalukya Architecture.The architectural style that developed in this part is known as the Chalukyan style . Certainly not solely because of their faith in religion.Perhaps they wanted to overawe their enemies and subjects with an enormous show of wealth and power, represented by these temples. Or perhaps they wanted to impress their subjects with a show of love for the religion. Or perhaps they wanted to atone for the sins they had committed by killing innumerable innocent people in the bloody wars they fought. The temples were built by teams of architects, artists, sculptors and masons, who remain anonymous.

Nuggikeri Temple:

Nuggikeri Hunuman Temple is an ancient temple in Dharwad. Devotees come from different regions to this temple. On saturdays the crowd is more as it is the vishesha divasa (special day) for Hanuman. Nuggikeri Hunuman Temple is very old & Hanuman idol in the temple was reinstalled by famous saint Shri. Vyasraj.










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