Trade License

  Q: What is a Trade License?
Trade License is a certificate/document which grants you permission to carry on the particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not confer ownership of property or permission for any other activity than for which it is issued.
  Q: What are the different categories of trade licenses?
  • All eating establishments like Hotels, Restaurants , Refreshments, Dharshinies , Sale of Coffee and Tea , Lodging Houses , Bakeries , Sweet meat stall , Sale of Mutton , Beef , Fish , Pork and Chicken and Provision stores.
  • All trades which use motive power to run and to manufacture like , Industries, Factories ,Workshops , Power looms , Flour Mills etc.
  • Offensive and dangerous trades like, charcoal depot , sale of firewood , timber wood , dry clean shops , Dhobi shops , Beauty parlor , Barbershop , Sale of edible oil , storage of ammunitions ,breweries, manufacture camphor and candles.
  Q: Why do I need a trade license?
It is important for trade within the city to be regulated to ensure that the citizen is not adversely affected by Health Hazard & Nuisance by improper carrying of a trade. The trade license is a means to ensure that the manner in which the business is being carried on is according to the relevant rules, standards and safety guidelines.Therefore,in the general interest of the citizens, it is necessary for you to have a trade license.

Remember that this is a legal requirement as per KMC Act 1976.If you are running a trade or business without a trade license it shall be deemed as illegal and appropriate action will be taken against you.

  Q:How can I obtain Trade License ?
  • Collect Prescribed Application Form 353 & Application form 354 (if Motive power is used) from the Respective Zonal Office which costs Rs 2/- each.
  • Fill up the form, contact the concerned ward Health Inspector for details of License fees for that particular trade and get his signature
  • Pay the license fee at the Respective zonal office and submit the application to the Zonal Office.
  • The license will be issued after inspecting the place of trade, regarding suitability of the trade.
  Q: What are the Documents to be enclosed with the Application Form ?
  • Application Form 353.
  • Tax paid receipt & 3 copies of blue print(if any place for the purpose of storing or selling explosives, timber or other combustible material shall contain a statement showing the boundaries and measurements of such place)
  • Owner/Neighbor consent letter.
  • CTS extract & Map

    Any other documents , if asked for

  Q: What is the fee Schedule?



Amount (in Rs.)


Minimum Fees



Maximum Fees



Each HP


Additional fee for the late collection 50% will occur.

  Q: How long does the application process normally take?
Normally 8 days. Incase if documents are incomplete and incorrect it may take more time.
  Q: What can I do if I am denied a license by the Commission?
If denied by the commission, then you may appeal to standing committee (health) by producing the denied letter.
  Q: What is the procedure for renewal of a trade license ?
  • Applications for renewal of such licenses shall be made not less than 30 days before the commencement of the year for which renewal is sought
  • Delayed renewal will attract of 50% license fees.
  • The following documents have to be submitted for renewal of trade license,
    1. Original License copy.
    2. Previous year fees challans.
    3. Up to date tax paid receipt
  Q: If I don�t obtain my Trade License, what will be the result?
As per the KMC Act, running an unauthorized Trade is offense. The concerned authority may seize or lock your Trade business with or without intimation.
  Q: My Trade License has expired three months back. What should I do?
Fill the Renewal Form. Pay the renewal fees with 50% fine.
  Q: My license has expired more than a year back, what should I do?
Give the reason why you have not renewed your license. Fill the due fee along with fine, the present year fee and then start your business.
  Q: If the license holder is unable to come for renewal, can his proxy renew his license?
The duly authorized manager or clerks may be allowed where there are no complaints by his business. If any complaints / problems owner must attend for compliance as well as renewal.
  Q: My father/uncle/husband/ relative were a license holder. He is expired and now the license is in my possession. What should I do?
If the license holder is expired, one legal heir can change to his/her name with procedure. (By producing legal heir documents and no-objection letter issued from other heirs).
  Q: In which cases the License suspension / revocation can occur?
In case the license holder is violating the license conditions and nuisance to neighbors or surroundings.
  Q: Who is the contact officer, if I have questions regarding my Trade License?
Concerned ward Health Inspector and Zonal Chief Officer is the contact Officer for license enquiry.
  Q: What is period for license renewal?
Renewal period is from January 1st to March 31st of every year.
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